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KR FlexiPack Ltd. Is one of the leading innovative company in Bangladesh. The company provide flexible packaging solution ranging from sourcing raw materials to lamination extrusion to painting, cutting & delivery.
The Packaging solution provided by the company find application in the wide range of industries including food, beverage, dairy, confectionaries, cosmetics & home appliances. This solution comply with food safety standard & provide optimum self life time.
KR FlexiPack Ltd. manufactures printed & laminated packaging films in rolls-stock and a complete line of converted products such as standup pouches, centre-seal and pillow and back seam bags side-gussetted, flat-bottom and various other bag formats integrating zipper, spout, hole, d-punch, rivets etc for convenient use for various industries and applications such as food packaging, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, engineering products, chemicals, cosmetics, among others.

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Three side sealing Machine

Rotogravure Eight color printing Machinery

Punching Machine


Inspection Machine


Dry Lamination machine

Cutting Machine

Curing Maching

Curing Machine

Core Cutting Machine

co-Extrusion coating lamination machine

Raw Materials


Food Item

Rice, Rice Powder, Puffed Rice, Atta, Maida, Suji, Dal, Cira, Meat Spice Powder, Spices, Cardamom Sauce, Chutney Packet, Ketchup, Dry Bay Leaf, Zinger Pest, Chili Powder, Turmeric, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cumin, Vanilla Essences, Powder Milk, Almond, Salt, Sugar, Sweet, Fried peas, Meat Butter, Ghee, Popcorn, Vermicelli, Noodles, Biscuit, Peanut Bar, Nut, Pen Packet, Ice strawberry, Ice Cream, Frozen food, Fast food item, Lychee & lychee outer Bag.

Bakery Item

Cake, Dry cake, biscuit, bread, jelly, preserved fruit, Chanachur, Chips, Chocolate.

Fish Item– Dry Fish, Sea Fish, Frozen Fish.

Baby Item

Baby Food, Candy, Mango Bar, Chips, Diaper, Baby Cosmetics.

Agro Item– Certified Seed, Paddy Seed.

Liquid Item

All Kind of Soft Drinks(Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tiger) Mineral Water, Milk, Tea, Coffee, juice, Soup Powder, Tag, Glucose, oil, Liquid olive oil, Engine oil, Liquid Dish Wash, Liquid Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent.

Medicine Item

Medicine (Tablet, Capsule), Saline, Rice saline, Oral Saline, Sanitary Napkin, Baby Check, Animal Feeds Fish feed, Chicken Feed, Cattle Feeds, Poultry Medicine.

Toilettes Item

Dish Wash Powder, Detergent Powder, Tooth pest, Toilet Soap, Shampoo, Bath soap, Shaving Cream, Pocket Tissue, Hear Collar Pest.

Other Item

Other Item

Ball Pen, Cycle Parts, Zarda, Candle, Petroleum Gel, Chemical Bottle Wrapper.  

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Corporate Office

As Salam Tower(11th Floor), 57 Agrabad C/A. Chittagong.
phone :+88 031 2526173-4

Dhaka Office

House-20/B, 1st Floor, Road No-26, Gulshan C.W.S.(B). Gulshan-1. Dhaka-1212.
Phone: 01709-399303

Factory Office

South Bashbaria, Sitakunda Chittagong. Phone: 01709-399310

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